Mind-blowing Relationship
1. Relationship search
1.1. Three brains theory
1.2. Partner search
1.3. Art of seduction
1.4. Initial stage of relationship
2. Relationship design
2.1. Whatís important for relationship?
2.2. Love to yourself and to others
2.3. How relationships work
3. Relationship refreshment
3.1. Intimate space
3.2. Mindblowers
3.3. Relationship crisis management
3.4. Seven-step rescue plan
3.5. What can you do right away
4. Questions and answers
5. Top 50 mindblowers
Appendix I. Making a rose from a napkin

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If you have read to these lines then you've already done a substantial part of the conscious work on improving your love life, which 98% of people never do. Now you have a tremendous knowledge that may be of great help not only to you but to many of your friends as well as to your nearest and dearest. But you have to start from yourself. Start changing your personal value system, your own life goals and priorities. Start changing the lifestyle and introducing new activities and habits. Start taking responsibility for your life and your relationship.

By changing yourself you will definitely change your relationship. By changing your relationship you will surely change yourself. Love life is one of the most important spheres of life for everyone. Therefore, it is important to put efforts, thoughts and emotions into its development. In the world of nature, every living thing lives while it grows. Some of you have a good handicap on your road to success but some have a long way of thousands of miles ahead. But as famous businessman Richard Branson says, "Itís just a matter of scale, but first you have to believe you can make it happen."

In conclusion, I want to present to your attention a parable composed by my friend Michael Subboch. It's called "The metaphor about a tree."

"The relationship between a man and a woman is like a tree: the seed is given to us by Mother Nature but what will happen after we plant them strongly depends on the person.

Just when the tree begins to grow his fragile hands-branches are very vulnerable and the trunk-spine can be broken even by a slight breeze... Therefore, one must take care of it with great love and patience and always give it his/her time and help.

In order to take a proper care for the little tree you have to understand what it needs. For that purpose you can collect the information about trees, talk to it in the evenings, and when it gets convinced in your sincerity it will itself help you, try its best not to disappoint you and share its successes gladdening your ears.

Like all the other living things blossom from love and care, this tree will eventually start to please you not only by the grace of its shapes, green color of leaves or fragrance of flowers but by juicy and delicious fruit as well. You will be able feel how pleasant it is to eat them and become proud of yourself and your achievements.

However, there are gardeners who enjoy using various pesticides in hopes to speed up the process of growth. Well, the apples turn out to look beautiful... but bitter. These chemicals spoil the natural and unique taste of ripe fruit. The tree will grow but its fruit are unlikely to suit your taste. They will be nutritious and good enough but it wonít be the burst of taste that you will feel if you grow the tree with love, intelligence and hard work. You see, when your tree has grown up it hides you from the rain or storm, it will serve you as material for new things, or you can have great pleasure to rest and work in the shade of its beautiful crown, enjoying peace and happiness, comfort and coziness, love and care, which will be given to you by his strong, skilled, gentle hands-branches...

The tree grows in your heart, there are its roots..."

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