Mind-blowing Relationship
1. Relationship search
1.1. Three brains theory
1.2. Partner search
1.3. Art of seduction
1.4. Initial stage of relationship
2. Relationship design
2.1. Whatís important for relationship?
2.2. Love to yourself and to others
2.3. How relationships work
3. Relationship refreshment
3.1. Intimate space
3.2. Mindblowers
3.3. Relationship crisis management
3.4. Seven-step rescue plan
3.5. What can you do right away
4. Questions and answers
5. Top 50 mindblowers
Appendix I. Making a rose from a napkin

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Appendix I. How to make a rose from a napkin

In order to make a rose from a napkin open a napkin out fully. Fold the top two inches over towards you. Pinch the upper left corner between the index and middle finger of your left hand as it is shown on Figure 1 (alternatively, you can use middle and ring finger or even ring finger and little finger for more accurate and miniature roses). Take the upper right corner of the napkin in your right hand.

Rose out of a napkin 1

Figure 1

Starting by moving your right hand away from you, wrap the napkin around the first two fingers of your left hand. (Looking down you will be going counter clockwise.) If you are doing it right, the folded portion of the napkin will stay on the outside.

Keep winding to within about two inches of the end of the napkin. Find the corner of the napkin and pull it up and to the left forming a triangle (Figure 2). This will be the outside petal.

Finish winding the napkin the rest of the way.

Rose out of a napkin 2

Figure 2

With your right hand, pinch the napkin together just below your left fingers. The portion above the pinch is the rose bud, while the rest of the napkin will become the stem and leaf (Figure 3).

Rose out of a napkin 3

Figure 3

Start twisting the napkin below the pinch. The tighter you twist the stronger the stem will be (but donít tear the napkin). Once you have started the twist, you can take your left fingers out of the bud and use both hands to twist the stem. Stop about half way down.

Find the remaining exposed corner of the napkin. Gently pull it upward so it is above where you stopped twisting. This will become the leaf (Figure 4).

Rose out of a napkin 4

Figure 4

Pinch the napkin together just below where you had stopped twisting. Continue twisting the napkin in the same direction as before until you reach the end of the napkin and the rose is complete (see Figure 5).

Rose out of a napkin 5

Figure 5

To give your rose more natural look you may slightly twirl the center of the bud and bend down outside petal.

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