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5. Top 50 mindblowers
Appendix I. Making a rose from a napkin

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Top 50 mindblowers

Top 50 mindblowers

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.
Vincent Van Gogh

Below there is a list of my favorite 50 mindblowers. Some of them have been already presented in the book. Some are them are better suitable for men, some - for women, some are fully universal. Hope youíll enjoy exploring the list and choosing the mindblowers that will perfectly fit your relationship and improve them greatly. And, of course, I believe youíll get an inspiration to invent many good new ones.

1. Present

* A good idea is to invite a woman to a picture gallery or any other museum alike. You should visit the gallery beforehand and buy some postcard that you may sign with your name or special wishes or some nice souvenir. You may present it to her in the end of the day or on approaching good occasion.

* Do you often come to your woman's house with flowers? If it is an ordinary thing for you then to break monotony of her life you may come to her with a pineapple. This thing is original and tasty - you two will surely have something to do at the table. If you wish you may change pineapple to mango, avocado, cocoa or any other fruit that is exotic for her.

* Do you think what to present your woman on her birthday, some special date like New Year or the 100-th day after you first met each other etc.? I suggest the following: at first, buy a small-sized folding mirror in a metal frame. Then order the inscription on the mirror (a service offered by most jewelers). The inscription should say something like this: ďDear Jane, Iíve been looking for a good present for your birthday but did not find anything more lovely than yourself."

* If you have an amateur video camera, then you can film a very impressive story and later present it to your man on the disk. What could be the plot of the film? It may be birthday greetings where you sing a song of your own production. It may be a tour around some picturesque place conducted by you ending with an invitation to visit this place on a certain day. It may be a funny story about how you have been looking for a present and finally came up with an idea of presenting the disc. It may be a collage of your family photos or erotic photo session made especially for him. The point here is to use your imagination.

* Have you thought of presenting your partner a musical present? I believe it's much more creative to arrange the songs on a disk yourself. You may even code a message included in songs names or lyrics. And your partner will surely be amazed if in the end of the disk he or she finds your voice message to her or your own song or a poem or a metaphor or proposal or even the whole letter. You can also put on the disk some directions to open something (where she or he will find a surprise) or to go somewhere (where she or he will meet you).

* Cut-off flowers are nice but they don't stay alive long. That is why I prefer to present flowers in pots. The ones I like the most are gerberas, chrysanthemums and hyacinths. But if you want to make a greater surprise, present your woman a lemon tree. Small sprouts can be purchased in most flower stores. Metaphorically call upon her to take care of this tree like of your relationship, protect it from the cold, water regularly. Imagine how both of you will be happy when you see the first fruit. It is also striking to present small animals. I remember the moment in the movie "No Retreat, No Surrender" when the main character presented a white rabbit to his girlfriend, which reminded her of her man throughout the movie.

* It is amazing how pleasant and striking the following present turns out to be. To a special date present your partner a big box, in which by matryoshka principle many small boxes are placed, one inside another. By opening boxes one by one in the last box your partner will eventually find a small present or even a simple note telling "There is nothing here except my feelings to you". Don't forget to sign it.

* I don't know where you live but I'm sure you can find a place where you can plant and grow flowers. Many flowers. Yes, it should be something like a flower-bed. You can use your balcony or some space near your house in order to write the name of your woman with the flowers you plant. If it is too expensive I have a good news for you. Take a common big cardboard box (may be the one from TV), then shorten its height with the help of scisors and fill it with soil. Then take the seeds of oats (can be bought in any pet store) and plant them by the stencil in order to form your woman's name. Have you ever seen how oats sprout? No? It is a very nice green grass that looks like a lawn. In room conditions your inscription will grow up and become ready to be shown in 7-10 days. Think of this pleasant surprise for your partner and her reaction when she discovers it.

* Have you ever paid attention to the fact that the main characters in Hollywood films make each other presents or surprises at the most opportune moments. This usually happens at the end of the movie. At first we get acquainted with the characters and their personalities. A surprise that one of them gives the other incredibly fits his/her personality, meets his/her dreams and reminds of the events that occurred to him/her during the movie. It is best to improvise doing such things. But if your fantasy does not give you any hint at the moment here's what I can suggest. Ask your partner to describe the place of his/her dreams, in which he had been or would like to visit, either imaginary or real. Write each word he/she says. If this place actually exists then try to find a detailed description of it and photos. If he/she cannot name such place then fit any memorable place for you where you had a great time together. You may have to go there again and photograph it. Next comes the gripping part of the mindblower. Ask some artist to draw this place by a description or photo. By presenting this picture to your partner you will make that kind of surprise, which is so loved by American film directors.

* If it is cold outside, sub-zero temperature, then you can surprise your woman with a really unusual flower. Buy a rose, pour some water on it, and then put it in a freezer. In 30 minutes take the rose out and pour the water on it once again. Put it again in a freezer. Repeat the procedure one more time and you get an ice rose. It looks really beautiful but stays in this condition only in cold air. If the temperature is above zero the flower will melt and wilt. So select the moment to present it carefully and you'll see - it's worth your efforts.

2. Surprise

* When you're sitting next to a familiar or an unfamiliar woman in the cafe she will be very pleased if you make a rose out of paper napkin and present it to her. In Appendix I you may find a step by step formula how to do it quickly. In addition, there is also a technology for creating a bouquet of roses from maple leaves presented on the following page: http://www.ardor.ru/seducer/varsed/2_16/.

* Women love well-organized nice romantic dinners. However, men much less got used to such occurrences as beautifully decorated room, special homemade meals and carefully chosen music, so menís excitement from them is similar to that of women. Also knowing the fact that emotional sensitivity of a man is driven by his sexual feelings you can strengthen the mind-blowing effect by wearing erotic clothes or by a strip dance.

* The simplest mindblower is to meet with your partner at a place where he or she does not expect to see you. You can organize a surprise meeting on your partnerís everyday route at the university, at work, in fitness club, or near his/her house, etc.

* You can leave a note to you woman with one of her colleagues at work. Or just leave it at her desktop. Or write a message on a whiteboard it there is one. If you want to be more impressive chose a poetic form.

* If youíve just got to know a woman and think when to call her, donít make a phone call. Take white pages, identify her address and visit her home. Of course, with a pleasant surprise. E.g.: with flowers. If she lives alone, than take a lovely cake and a bottle of wine. Usually the reaction is very positive.

* Have you thought on how to amaze your partner on Christmas or New Year eve? I suggest that you should use the following exotic way. First go to solarium and get a good tan. Buy in a flower store some unusual plant in a pot, can be a ficus or a palm tree. Take your beach clothes like Hawaiian shorts and your lightest shoes. Put them on right prior to visiting your partner. You can add sunglasses if you wish. Don't show her or him your winter clothes. And get a lively mood - it's needed to impress your partner with your light summer image.

* While walking in a mall or trade center leave your friend for a minute and go to the administration of the store or information desk and pay a small sum of money to use their public-address system. It is organized to make announcements for employees or to help lost people find each other, but you can use it to transmit your own message. This can be an expression of your feelings or an invitation to go somewhere together.

* If a woman has no desire to see you, you can make an inimitable invitation to meet you. First you need seven long Hallmark boxes (at least 3.3 feet long). These boxes can be narrow - you'll need them to store separate flowers. You are to send the woman all boxes containing roses (1 rose per each box) with a definite interval (e.g. once a week, or every 3 days). You may use FedEx or a courier. What's important, each rose should have a different color. In each box besides a rose place a small note signed as "Mysterious stranger". The idea of this mindblower is that she won't find a rose in the last 7-th box. She will just see a note with the following contents: "Do you want to know, which color is next? Meet me at..." You can write any place you wish, but I suggest that you should take the one that is somewhat crowded in order to increase probability that she will come. And don't forget to bring a new rose to the meeting.

* If you want to invite a woman to your house or to a date, you can use an official invitation form. A blank invitation can be purchased in big bookstore, next to postcards. You can write something like: "Dear Jane! I would like to invite you to a dinner, devoted to the 3000-th day since we first knew each other. If you want to taste a lobster with me, come to... at 7 pm on Thursday". Then you put the invitation in her handbag or in a mail box and see what happens.

* There are two versions of this one. For the first version you need to hide flowers somewhere on your route and while walking with the woman ask her to close her eyes. When she opens them again she will see a nosegay in front of her. For the second version you should ask your friend to help. While walking with your woman you kiss her and at that moment your friend puts flowers in your hand. She'll surely be surprised by your abilities of a magician.

* It's a nice thing to come to your woman in a limo. There are special services providing such cars with drivers. But if you are trying to save money you may rent a car and ask your friend to be a driver.

* You may intrigue your woman by sending her anonymously a bouquet of flowers signed as "Secret admirer". After a series of such gifts you should appear in front of her wearing a T-shirt with an inscription "Secret admirer" on it. It can be done in many T-shirt stores. If it is too complicated for you just put a badge "Secret admirer" on your regular clothes. However the effect on her will be less striking.

* Striptease always excites men. Even if they have full-value sex life they are always addicted to watching women slowly getting naked. It turns their mind and their senses to a different mood. If you strip in front of him he can get so amazed by your performance that he will recall it again and again. And a strange thing about that is the fact that when his beloved woman performs a striptease or takes the initiative to try new forms of sex, it often triggers romantic feelings in a man. This happens due to the fact that for many men to open up spiritually it is necessary to feel his woman open up physically, and vice versa. So make an effort to act more uninhibited and you will enjoy the results. The good news is that there are plenty of courses teaching striptease out there.

* I think you know a TV program "Extreme turnover" where the main character gets a totally new image with the help of professional stylists and shaping trainers. If your man travels on business for a week or two you can do sort of extreme turnover by yourself. Be sure to practice sports exercises twice a day, buy some new clothes including lingerie and to visit haircut and makeup masters. If you try really hard no doubt the results will inspire him to actively court you.

3. Pastime

* In order to infuse new blood into your relationship you may use games. Childrenís, role-playing, sexual, intelligent... If both players do not aim at wining at any cost the game makes them closer to each other. A good example of such game in a family relationship is an agreement to talk all day long only via notes, or gestures, or conventional signs. Or it could be a game that you can play in the kitchen, agreeing not to eat anything from your own hands but only from the hands of your partner. For relationships at a crisis stage, I recommend a game in which each partner writes 10 small notes on the topic "What do I like in you" and the same number on the topic "What do I want you to do for me". Then both of you need to put all those notes into an envelope, and not to forget to share envelopes afterwards. To revitalize the sex life you may use role-playing games like chief-subordinate, doctor-patient, maid-guest, etc. Please use your imagination and you will think up lots of fun games that perfectly suit your couple.

* When you spend the evening with your partner at home you can take children's water-color and organize a body painting session. You may start with drawing a necklace or a tie on her or his neck. This pastime can be just for fun or serve as sexual foreplay.

* How often do you dance with your woman? How often do you do it outdoors? Invite her to a beautiful place in fresh air and take a small player or mobile phone with a feature of loud playback. Unexpectedly turn on your favorite romantic melodies and invite your

* partner to dance.

* I bet you know of inexpensive floating candles which can be purchased wholesale in IKEA-like hardware stores. For about 5 dollars you can buy 100 pieces of such candles. Also you may buy the cheapest roses in a flower store. By using the candles youíve bought and petals of the roses you can decorate your house in a very creative way. When your woman comes home she will find a magic path, strewn with rose petals, bordered with lines made from floating candles and leading to your present or a bed.

* Have you ever attended a tea ceremony held in Chinese tradition? No? This is not critical, since you can arrange a similar ceremony by your own means. With the help of your imagination youíll find plenty of accessories for such ceremony. No doubt there is a store of inexpensive souvenirs in your city that sells many Chinese goods. Just buy those that you think will be useful to share tea ceremony with your partner. These may include: rice, meat, exotic teas, Chinese sticks, incense, tea pots, mortars, decorated candles, quiet eastern music, and so on. The shop assistants will be happy to help you with some pieces of advice on how to better apply these things, so do not forget to ask.

* Do you want to immortalize the stunning moments of your relationship. Yes? Then photos will suit this purpose perfectly. And if you and your partner want to look differently and special on each picture there is nothing more exciting and exotic than to take pictures in a clothing store. Thereto you need to go to such store and take your camera with you. Take the clothes you like the most, not limiting yourself in number. Go together inside the fitting room. Trying various costumes on you, take pictures aiming the lens at the mirror. Youíll surely get enough impressions and memories to remember them for many years to come.

* Probably there are three things that wonít leave any woman cold: flowers, diamonds and a massage. It is not hard to master the art of massage, the more so because there are tons of books on this topic on bookshelves in stores. After youíve learned massage technique, make your woman an offer to participate in an enigmatic massage session. Decorate your room with candles and incense sticks in advance. Prepare massage oil according to the following receipt: add a pair of drops of a pleasant essential oil, e.g.: ylang-ylang, patchouli or rosemary to a common body cream. Basic recommendations: improvise, donít miss any little part of her body, donít press her spine, donít hurry with sex - youíll be rewarded in full afterwards. If you blindfold her beforehand, you will create a mysterious atmosphere and help her to concentrate mainly on body sensations, which is of no small importance.

* One of the most efficient mindblowers in terms of mental and physical effect on your partner is a trip out of town. It does not matter what purpose or destination you choose. Let it be a trip to a nearby city. Or a hike. Or a picnic. Or gathering flowers. Or fishing. Skiing, riding bikes, boats or horses would strengthen the effect. If you spend the whole day with your woman outdoors it will bring you both tons of positive feelings and this one day can make you closer than anything else in this world.

* If youíre your partner is not afraid of heights very much, persuade him or her to make a parachute jump together with you. But in order to get over his or her fear donít tell him/her where you go until the very moment of arrival to airdrome. This way he/she will have fewer chances to slip away. Believe me you two will like not only the sensations in the air but also the feelings that will follow you after the jump.

* There should be a go-karting club in your city. Without much explanation bring your partner to such place and organize a karting ride. If youíve never approached cars of these types before you will be surprised how it is easy for you and your partner to cope with it and how impressive will be the sensations youíll experience.

* I was always surprised by the fact that womenís eyes always lit up when they see a man cooking food. Men are not often successful in this field, however the good news is that there are plenty of books on the art of cookery. I advise that you should purchase one of such books, chose original meal and buy all the necessary foodstuff. Learn the receipt by heart without fail. You may even rehearse the cooking process. What for? For performing your major number - cooking of this meal in presence of your woman. You will be amazed with her enthusiasm and admiration while watching you by the oven. Your rating will rise up dramatically. The products may be also used for sexual foreplay in the kitchen.

* If itís winter and pretty cold outside, you can take skis and go skiing along the major river of your city. If the river in your town never ices over you can go north and try this unforgettable adventurous trip.

* A really strong mindblower fir your man is to start oral sex at the moment he doesn't expect it. As the excitement of a man physiologically grows much faster than that of a woman he will undoubtedly love your initiative very much. You've probably seen this hundreds of times in the movies but it definitely doesn't make this act ineffective in terms of building closer connection.

* If it is snowy outside go and play snowballs with your partner. If it is golden fall you may go to throw yellow leaves at each other and dive in them. If it is sunny summer weather go and play hide-and-seek or tag or frisbee or any other children's game. This will undoubtedly improve the microclimate between you and your partner.

4. Challenge

* The simplest thing you can do in sultry summer is to suddenly pour some cold water on your woman. How? A shaken bottle with carbonated water is a good option or you can... hmm... just push your woman into the fountain and jump after. You can hardly imagine what emotions will overwhelm her!

* You can refresh the relationship by arousing curiosity of your man. Take a photo of a few parts of your body, by which you are very hard to be recognized, such as ear, eye, neck, finger, etc. Within several days, send your partner by e-mail passionate letters with attached photos. All these days keep communicating with your partner in usual manner. Of course, then you have to open up. You may do it either at home or at a specially organized date with the "new" friend. The point here is to keep a sense of humor and to find in this episode a reason for reunification but not for discord.

* If it is cold outside, there is an interesting mindblower for your woman. Anytime when you are alone with her, say you are going to do something with her she will like very much. Then slowly take out a condom and look at her intriguingly. Then slowly blow up the condom. Now take the hand of your woman and lead her to the bathroom not explaining anything. Put inflated condom under the water stream. To all questions answer that you are almost done and going to do something she will remember for a long time. After a minute you take a condom out of the stream, go with your partner to a balcony and throw the ďballoonĒ in the window and let it fly up in the air. As the air inside the condom is warm and it is cold outdoors the balloon will rise up for a while, which will look very unusual.

* Appoint a date with a woman in a crowded place. Buy a rose or a different flower and when you meet her say: ďThis flower looks very blind comparing to youĒ. And present this flower to a different woman walking by. If your partner behaves herself quietly, you should buy her a bigger bouquet later that evening.

* In the beginning of relationship or during crisis you can say to your woman: ďLetís make a bet that Iíll mange to kiss you without using my lipsĒ. Try your best to make her agree and not to tell her how you are going to do it. Then ask her to close her eyes. Then you kiss her on her mouth and say: ďIíve lost a betĒ.

* When you sit with a partner in the cafe itís a good choice to offer him/her playing one exciting game. It would be much better if you engage him/her to play this game non-verbally. However, it can also be a verbal version. The essence of the game is very simple: you take some action and your partner has to repeat it. The actions you choose may be various: to brush off the dust, to move the spoon on the table, to smooth your hair, to snap your fingers, etc. In the middle of the game you need to imitate drinking but in fact to collect some water in your mouth. At the end of the game you make one good cigarette puff (you will easily do it keeping the water in your mouth) and then you do what your partner wonít be able to repeat: spit out all the liquid that you have been having all this time in your mouth.

* When you are sitting with your partner in cafe or at the dining table at home you should engage him or her in a high intrigue of the surprise you are going to make for him/her. But to get this surprise, he/she has to close his/her eyes. Ask him/her to do it, and traditionally to open his/her mouth. Then pour some ketchup or some mustard in her mouth.

* While greeting or saying goodbye to a woman put a toy spider in her hand. A good idea is to turn on a dictaphone to record her reaction and get an astounding story for your kids.

* Invite a woman to dance to a music specially mixed by you. This music should sound as slow romantic melody dramatically turning into hard-beat compositions of Heavy Metal style. When the hard rock starts, the main point is to set yourself free from her arms and begin to jump over the room passionately singing along with a song and shaking your head. Unforgettable feelings are guaranteed!

* Don't miss the opportunities to evoke your partner's jealousy if there is no way it can be confirmed. For example you can find an old book signed by your ex-girlfriend for you and leave it in conspicuous place. Or put a picture where you embrace your colleague of the opposite sex on you social network personal page. If you are not a total leader in your couple such moves will definitely add some fire to the relationship.

* If your partner doesn't behave himself/herself respectfully you have a great opportunity to instantly chill up his/her mind. Take or buy a bottle of water either sparkling or still and pour it on your partner. Try your best to make it look like a game but not like an aggressive maneuver. If this will lead to running after each other - it's a good sign - the aggressive energy of you two will be fully release in this game.

* Make your partner a bit angry and... run away from him/her. Just say something audacious, spank his/her bottom or throw something light at him/her and then be fast. Try your best not to be caught immediately and at the same time donít make this chase last forever. Usually such childrenís games make partners closer and clean their minds from needless thoughts interfering sexual foreplay.

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