Mind-blowing Relationship
1. Relationship search
1.1. Three brains theory
1.2. Partner search
1.3. Art of seduction
1.4. Initial stage of relationship
2. Relationship design
2.1. What’s important for relationship?
2.2. Love to yourself and to others
2.3. How relationships work
3. Relationship refreshment
3.1. Intimate space
3.2. Mindblowers
3.3. Relationship crisis management
3.4. Seven-step rescue plan
3.5. What can you do right away
4. Questions and answers
5. Top 50 mindblowers
Appendix I. Making a rose from a napkin

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What is love? For most people love is a mysterious feeling that is suddenly sent and taken by unknown power, by destiny, by elements. But there are also those unique people, who see in love an incomparable creative activity. These people become designers of their love life, turning it into a work of art. They are pilots of their life, not passengers. They’ve managed to make happiness their habit. Wanna join them? Then I have wonderful news for you. You are reading a book that will help you to find, develop and design the best relationship you would dream of. Here you will find only tested and proven methods that you can start using right away, making your life much happier.

What are the ingredients of happy love life? Real love? Following your bent? Financial independence? Creative self-realization? Supportive family? Sounds a bit vague, doesn't it? You know why? Because very few of us have seen all these things pretty close. Because no one has ever taught us clearly, what happiness really is. No one has taught us how to date and how to seduce. No one has taught us how to save and how to invest money. No one has ever taught us how to grow personally and how to find the occupation you really love. No one has taught us how to effectively raise our children. No one has taught us how to build strong relationship and strong family. When we are young we are total dilettanti in these fields but life doesn't give us an easy time in taking a test on survival. Our lack of knowledge has to show up in real-life disappointments that can be total disasters. The goal of this book is to give you such knowledge, to prevent many of the problems you may face if haven't read the pages below.

Relationship is like work. Just like in work to produce the best results in relationship you need to work harder and wiser. Most of the people work on relationships only in the beginning and during crises. And even at these stages direction of their energy is miles away from the most effective. This book is a great instrument to help you in choosing the best ways to become emotionally closer to your partner or even to a person you don't know.

No matter what your goal is (if you are reading this page, I think you have one): whether you're obsessed with finding a partner, or you want to seduce a particular person, or you wish to solve severe problems in your family, or you simply want to grow personally, be more attractive to the opposite sex, or your desire is to become an expert in relationships - you'll surely find tons of useful information in this book.

My appeal to all men and women of all ages and beliefs: If you let your life drift like a log, you can never be sure when you meet next waterfall! Stop doing things others want you to do! Start learning and practicing building with your own hands and responsibility the relationship you've been dreaming of. Start opening your genuine internal feelings, desires and talents!

This book is named “Mind-blowing relationship”. This is because the idea of refreshening relationships presented in it is based on so called “mindblowers”. Mindblower is a very creative action taken by one partner to get closer to the other rapidly. It is mostly used to restore crisis relationships; however you can effectively apply mindblowers towards the person you even don’t know in order to win his or her heart. In this book you’ll find the idea of how mindblowers are constructed and certainly a list of 50 best mindblowers that will help you to add a new spark to your relationship.

It’s time to start acting now - life is too short to let yourself drift.

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